Hey wonderful folks🙋

First of all….. salam, namste, sat_shree_akal and a whole heartedly welcome to all of you and thanks for reading our blog❤

Ohhh wait…. Our???

Yes, the story of two engineering girls….jo ki do saal phle tk ek-duje se anjaan thi… “Clg m aaye tb yh jana, ghar k bahar ka kya h zamana”.

It’s been two years since we are…. roomies, college_mates, 2 am frnds, chatterbox… bole to tapri pe chaii☕☕ wale dost. In short ghar se door wala, pyaara sa pariwar like 2 sisters; with somewhat same mental disorders😈.

Waise toh phone hamara kaibaar bajta hai pr that ring was something special that became the first step out of our domain.

Remembering the day correctly it was 24th October,2k17…when we had our backpacks🎒 ready with no indications of being a girl… I mean like not much dresses; no heels & off course less makeup…..

Yeah, we do exist…..

It was 6 in eve when we called our pals informing them to go for fest and that we both’ll accompany them there as due to some reasons we will be late & will be there by another bus….

By now; you guys must have had some clue of our minds going fishy about the thought of fest…. At 10:00 pm night; we started a journey with no directions but just a destination on the road of freedom….with tadka of lies…..